One of the most important decisions you will make when it comes to your kitchen remodel is what countertops you want. The material choice you make will dictate the look of your kitchen, your cleaning habits, and also the functionality of it. Below, we will go over marble countertops as an option in your home and we hope that this information will help you make the best decision for your kitchen.

Pros and Cons of Marble Countertops
There are both pros and cons to marble countertops and when you evaluate the type of material you want in your home, you need to think about what works for you and what will meet your needs.

Pro 1: Marble is Heat Resistant
Marble countertops are resistant to heat. This means that you can set a pot on the countertop and not wind up with a discolored or faded area on the countertop. You will find that you do not have as much trouble when you accidentally leave a hot pizza on the counter or you need to quickly put down a hot pan.

Pro 2: Marble is Beautiful
Marble is a timeless classic that will not go out of style and you have many style and color choices when it comes to your countertops. When you choose marble, you will find that it elevates your kitchen to the tenth degree and everyone will be in awe of the choice you made.

Con 1: Marble is Porous
Marble is porous and this means you need to be vigilant about spills that occur. What this means is that if you do not have your countertop properly sealed, you will find that the tomato sauce you spilled last night leaves a small red stain on your counter. Once the stain occurs, it can be near impossible to lift it too.

Con 2: Marble is NOT Durable
Marble countertops are not durable and will easily break or scratch within the kitchen. It is important that you keep knives away from the countertop and you avoid dropping items onto the surface of the countertop, as you are sure to regret it.

How to Clean Marble Countertops
It is important that you clean marble countertops correctly to prevent any scratches or damage. To clean your countertops, you will want to mix warm water with about a tablespoon of dish detergent. You never want to use anything that is acidic.

Spray the mixture onto the countertop and then wipe the area with a clean, wet cloth. Once done, follow up with a clean dry cloth to dry the marble completely.

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