The Benefits of Quartz Countertops

Your home’s countertops are one of the most important parts of kitchen design. Along with the cabinets, they set the tone for the whole room. The professional designers here at CJB Group Kitchens spend a lot of time considering different materials and finishes when helping our clients select their kitchen countertops. There are a lot of different options available, such as granite, stainless steel, wood, tile, and laminates, that you can find in many kitchens.

Many designers and homeowners, however, are discovering how wonderful quartz countertops can be. Quartz has a few great benefits that set it apart from other materials.

  • Strength and Durability
  • Low Maintenance Needs
  • Easy Cleaning
  • Plenty of Style Options

Strength and Durability

For many homeowners, the most important quality of quartz is its strength and durability. Quartz looks a lot like granite, but is much tougher. When quartz countertops are manufactured, they add pigments and binding materials, which makes it extremely durable. They resist scratching, which is great for people who do a lot of cooking. If a knife slips off the cutting board it won’t leave you with a permanent reminder. Also, because they are heat resistant, you can set a hot pot down for a moment without worrying about melting the surface.

Low Maintenance Needs

Another important benefit to choosing quartz is that it is a low maintenance material. Many countertops like granite and marble have to be sealed or glazed periodically. Wood may need refinishing to keep looking good. Tile needs to be regrouted every so often to prevent loose tiles and other problems. In addition to taking up your time, it is an added expense that can significantly add to the cost of your counters over time.

Easy Cleaning

A lot of materials need special cleaning items or techniques. Using the wrong cleaners results in discoloration, scratches, smudges, and other problems. Quartz can be cleaned with simple soap and water, so you don’t need to purchase expensive specialty cleaners. There is no polishing or complicated maintenance schedule to worry about. Another benefit is that, because it is a solid non-porous surface, it resists bacterial growth. You don’t have to worry about dangerous bacteria growing in seams and cracks.

Plenty of Style Options

Many people think that once you choose a material, you are limited in your other decorating decisions. However, because quartz comes in a very wide range of colors and patterns, you can easily find something to match any style. You can select from bright bold colors or soft muted tones. Many people like natural grays and browns, but you can also go with something that makes a statement like red, blue, or green. You can choose a marbled pattern, large or small speckling, or other patterns. And unlike some materials, the color and pattern are consistent throughout. You won’t have areas of muddled pattern or uneven color that you want to hide.

These are only a few of the reasons that quartz is quickly becoming a popular material for kitchen countertops. When you’re ready to design your dream kitchen, come to the experts at CJB Group Kitchens. When you visit our showroom here in Reading, Massachusetts you are able to see samples and displays of lots of different products. You can really get a feel for how different materials and finishes interact to create a harmonious and functional kitchen. Give us a call at (978)-337-7256 today and schedule your free consultation!