When it comes to kitchens, people fall into 2 categories: those of us who want to remodel our existing kitchen, and those who of us working with a blank canvas; creating a kitchen in a new home.  Regardless of what category you fall into, all of us need to take kitchen cabinet design ideas into consideration.  Having the perfect design for your space encourages homeowners to select the best plan to utilize as much of your space and storage as possible. 

There are many factors that come together when choosing what cabinets work best in your kitchen design and floorplan.  Luckily, our professionals at CJB Group Kitchens have the know-how to expertly guide you through the process of creating a cabinet design.  A few things to consider:

Material:   Wood is a popular choice when shopping for kitchen cabinets.  It offers variety in colors, textures, and stains.   You can choose oak, cedar, birch, maple or cherry; all selections that have a varying level of color and charm.  

Door design:  There are many amazing cabinet design companies throughout Europe and the United States.  Typically, the difference between the two regions’ models is depicted in the style of cabinet doors.  European cabinet doors are flush to the frame with side hinges creating a frameless appearance, while American cabinet doors use hinges on the front of the cabinet creating a framed look.

Storage: Obviously, storage is key when designing your kitchen cabinets.  Most of us dream of more drawers and shelves whenever we consider kitchen cabinet designs.  Thankfully, cabinet companies are always coming up with new, innovative ideas.  Custom spice racks, sliding trays, adjustable drawers and swing out trays offer unique ways to store your utensils, pots, pans, and pantry items.  

Hardware:  Knobs and pulls for your cabinets come in array of colors, styles, and material.  These accessories create a finished look.  With so many styles to choose from, you can be sure that you will find the perfect decorative hardware to compliment your kitchen cabinet design.

Floorplan & available space:  When working with an expert to plan your cabinet design, an understanding of your space is essential.  Additionally, the space you want to use vs. the space you want to keep open is important to know.  Cabinets can be sized to extend to the ceiling, or they can have the more standard design leaving room above for knick-knacks or plants.

Enhancements:  Glass doors, decorative molding, and lighting create the final dramatic touch to your perfect kitchen design. 

CJB Group Kitchens design expertise combined with our amazing design software will help make your vision a reality.  We take you through the design experience to help you create an elegant yet functional environment.  Our kitchen cabinet design team will work with you to find the best layout to serve your storage and floorplan needs.   

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