Many of the kitchen cabinets that you see are made from a hardwood, but sometimes, cabinets are made from a mixture of materials to help cut down on costs. When it comes to your kitchen cabinets, you have a number of material choices. If you are unsure of what type of material you want your cabinets made out of, we will go over some of the available options.

White and Red Oak
White oak is very durable and is common in many kitchens because it does have many golden undertones that people like to match to their d├ęcor and appliances. The grains on this type of wood are subtle and you will not find any large knots or odd grains that run through it. Typically, you need to have white oak custom ordered for your kitchen.

Red oak is another strong and durable option for your cabinets. This wood type is often inexpensive, which lends it to be a popular choice in kitchens as well. This wood is good for custom made cabinets, stock and semi-custom cabinets. With red oak, you will enjoy the red highlights in it and you can choose from a wide range of finishes and styles.

Cherry wood is a popular option because of its beauty. This wood is often used in kitchens that are elegant and formal. You will find that many people who use this wood like the darkest variations of it. You can choose from lighter options, but they are not as common as the darker options.

Cherry wood is perfect for homes where the cabinets will be used a lot because the wood can withstand the knocks and wear or tear.

Pine is not a hardwood, but a softwood and it is an option that is available for kitchens. Pine is often chosen because of its beautiful color, its lovely smell, and the grains within it. The bad part about pine is that since it is not a hardwood, it does damage more easily, but many homeowners find it worth the time and cost.

Hard Maple
Hard maple is a lighter color wood that is a good choice for your kitchen cabinets and it is popular in many homes. This type of wood is often used for custom cabinetry, stock, and semi-custom options. You will find that maple is less dense than oak is, but it does cost a bit more money than the oak variations do.

If you are not keen on the light color of the maple, but you do want maple cabinets, you can have the wood stained to meet your needs and color preference.

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