Have you been dreaming of remodeling your kitchen?  Most of us have.  It’s the one room in our home that we spend most of our time in and it is the space occupied most often when you have visitors.  A remodel can refresh your living space and help you incorporate unused or hard to reach areas.  It will increase the functionality and beauty of your kitchen as well.

Often, one of the items at the top of our clients’ wish list is storage; luckily there are so many amazing products on the market today that make deep kitchen cabinets easier to use.  Another part of the cabinets that homeowners wish to change is their kitchen cabinet design.  When you plan to remodel your kitchen, understanding the available styles of cabinet doors is useful knowledge.  Here are the top 5 things to consider when making your selection for cabinets.

  1. What kind of style fits your vision?  Cabinet doors are traditionally hung in one of three ways: full overlay, partial overlay, and inset.  A full overlay leaves little to no room between the edges of the cabinet frame and the door while a partial overlay has a larger gap.  Both overlay door options rest on the outside of the cabinet frame.  The inset style fits right into the frame of the cabinet.
  2. What type of door design fits your décor? A door style can be an open frame with a glass inlay, a raised panel, or flat.  Mix and match a glass door with your flat or raised panel doors to showcase special items or to give the appearance o f a larger space.
  3. What type of wood complements your interior décor? The type of material you choose and the color will add to the architectural design of your home and enhance the appearance of your kitchen.
  4. What are the different ways your cabinets can be arranged? A design expert uses software to build a plan perfect for your space.  They can take your kitchen cabinet design ideas and turn them into a plan that fits your style and space.
  5. What kind of hardware would you like? Drawer pulls and knobs come in a wide selection.  Mix and match or select a uniform look that matches the other hardware in your home like exterior door knobs and faucets.

No matter what size your kitchen is, you’ll be amazed by the way your kitchen could look with a sound plan.  Work with a professional to understand all of your options regarding a kitchen cabinet design.   If you are ready to explore your kitchen potential, give us a call.  Our design experts at CJB Group Kitchens provide consultations to help you get started.  We understand that the process might seem overwhelming and we help to make it as easy as possible.  We’ll guide you through your options, step by step, and build a stunning plan for your home.  Your kitchen cabinets will be designed to incorporate every inch of space so you can have a functional, yet beautiful room. 

Call us today at 781-302-6000 to schedule your in-home consultation or visit our showroom to see how we can transform your current kitchen cabinet design.  Learn more at our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/CJBGroupKitchens/.