Kitchen Cabinet Design Ballardvale

The cabinets are one of the most important parts of Ballardvale kitchen design. As you create your dream kitchen, you are choosing the materials, style, color, and layout that will define your space. Knowing your options before you begin your project will help you to eliminate the need to go back and make changes, which leads to additional expenses and delays.

Kitchen Cabinet Placement

The layout of your kitchen cabinets is the first thing that you should decide on. As you design your room, you have a lot of different features that you might want to include.
● Single or Double Cabinets
● Drawers
● Tilt-Out Trays
● Open Shelving
● Wine Racks or Refrigerators
● Upper Cabinets

As you draw your plans, consider the placement of appliances, windows, and other fixtures. If you are remodelling an existing home in Ballardvale, consider the cost and difficulty of moving water lines and electrical wiring. For a new construction project, this isn’t generally an issue. Also consider sight lines, if you are interested in a peninsula or island, and lighting issues.

An important part of layout is the placement of drawers, cabinets, and other features. Do you like a large, double wide drawer for your pots and pans, or prefer a traditional cabinet? Do you have a favorite set of dishes that you want to display on open shelving, or do you prefer solid or frosted glass cabinet doors to hide your collection of mismatched plastic cups? Whether you want the silverware drawer to be to the left of the sink, are hoping for an extra deep drawer next to the stove for your leftovers containers, or want a large over-fridge space to hold those heirloom serving trays, this is your chance to make your space work for you.

Kitchen Cabinet Materials

Your next consideration is materials. There are nearly limitless choices for you.
● Wood
● Laminate
● Metal
● Glass

Your may love the traditional look of maple, the durability of stainless steel, easy to clean glass, or environmentally friendly bamboo. Whatever your preferences, there are many options when it comes to materials, colors, and style.

Door and drawer design is another important factor. Many modern looks feature simple, clean lines without trim or wainscoting. More ornate styles might have lots of carving and textural details. The detailing helps to set the tone of the kitchen. An elaborate style helps to create interest, but a simple streamlined panel won’t distract from a focal point elsewhere in the room.

Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

The hardware is often overlooked when people visualize their dream kitchen, but it can have enormous impact on the room. Whether you choose a push-open cabinet design with no visible hardware or hand-painted ceramic knobs with fine detailing, hardware is a great way to personalize your space. Choose between knobs and door pulls, glass or metal or other materials, and simple or ornate styles.

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Your kitchen cabinet design is an important step in your new build or remodel. The cabinets are one of the most important factors in making sure your Ballardvale kitchen is both beautiful and functional. CJB Group Kitchens is waiting to help you create your ideal kitchen design. Call us at (978)-337-7256 today and we will schedule your free consultation. In our Reading, Massachusetts showroom, you can see lots of product samples and designs to help solidify your vision as we create a dream kitchen design for you.