A great kitchen needs to be beautiful yet functional.  It is considered the most popular room in any home and it is where you and your family spend the majority of your time together.  Good food and great conversation is the basis for any great meal.  However, if your kitchen starts to feel drab and dull, you may find people rushing through their meal in order to escape.

If it is time to rejuvenate your kitchen with a remodel, start by making a scrapbook of your favorite items.  Make notes on what you like and don’t like and why; add comments on the pages regarding how you want to use your kitchen as well.  You’ll find that a vision will start to take shape incorporating all of the best features you want into your home.

The next step is to research the products.  Take the time to learn about the pros and cons of the material you favor.  At CJB Group Kitchens, we can help you with the research and guide you in the right direction based on your scrapbook, notes, and wish list.

In recent years, concrete countertops have been a rising topic.  Laminate and granite surfaces are great and have their own ups and downs, but the material is also in a downward trend as people search for the next ‘hot’ item.  If you are considering concrete countertops in your kitchen, we can help get you started in your research with these pros and cons:


  • Durable and resistant to scratches
  • Heat-resistant
  • Customizable
  • Color


  • Ongoing maintenance
  • Sealant shows etch marks/scratches
  • Hairline cracks (rare)

Any product on the market has pros and cons.  The key is to determine what qualities fit your needs.  The maintenance required to keep your concrete countertops in great condition is just applying a sealant from time to time, similar to adding conditioner to leather furniture.  The action keeps your countertops looking fabulous and prevents stains from soaking into the concrete.  If you establish a good routine, you’ll ensure your customized countertops will last a very long time.

The versatility that concrete counters offer a homeowner can outweigh any of the cons.  With concrete you get a fully customizable blank canvas that allows you to add any color, texture, and design.  Consider this type of countertop for one section of your kitchen or for the entire space.  The finished product will provide your kitchen with a stunning modern look that is both elegant and functional.

At CJB Group Kitchens, we have years of experience helping our clients design their dream kitchen.  Let us help you answer your countertop questions and design a gorgeous kitchen for your home.  We carry a wide range of products to suit your needs and budget.  Call us at 781-302-6000 to schedule an in-home consultation or visit our showroom.  Learn more about us on our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/CJBGroupKitchens/.